Kraft cardboard box. 


Bristles - made of renewable raw materials, using castor oil which is extracted from the seeds of the "Miracle Tree". The carbon content of the bristles is bio-based, petroleum and BPA-free. 

Handle - made of Moso Bamboo. In ideal conditions, the giant variety of bamboo grows up to 30 metres in just two years - all without any artificial irrigation. fertilisers or the use of pesticides. 

Ecological natural dyes - the dye used for the toothbrush handles comes from the a renowned dye manufacturer. The paints are solvent-free, environmentally-friendly and biodegradable. The dyes are saliva-resistant, suitable for toys and harmless to humans and the environment, 

What do I do with it once I have finished with it?

The handle can be disposed of in organic waste as its biodegradable, however bristles are not currently compostable, so make sure to snap the head off before disposing. 

Production information:

Manufactured sustainably in China.The production takes place where the raw material grows. Hydrophil pay close attention to good working conditions and pay more than twice the normal local minimum wage. For the toothbrush, carbon emissions are off-set via a water project in India.