Hydrophil Travel Soap Case

Hydrophil Travel Soap Case

Going away on holiday? Tired of your soap bar being carried around in a plastic wrap, completely exposed to the elements. Say hello to the handy Hydrophil Soap Tin! This tin is really a multipurpose product that not only keeps your soap safe from breakage inside of it but also helps to keep it dry during transport and whilst being used. 


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Product Description

The Hydrophil travel soap box is your stable and plastic-free travel companion for solid soap. It offers you the ideal storage option for bar soaps of all common sizes. From now on, nothing will stand in the way of your sustainable showering even when you are on the move.  

This is a travel case and not for use as a permanent soap dish in your bathroom. Do not store a damp soap in the box for a prolonged period of time as it will rust.

Size: 110 × 88 × 32.5 mm

  • 100% Plastic-free
  • For all common sizes of bar soap
  • Watertight
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Vegan and vegetarian friendly
  • A water neutral product

5% from every sale from this product will be donated to wildlife conservation organisations through Work for Good. This month we are fundraising for the Marine Conservation Society.

100% Plastic free 

Buying a solid soap bar and case, means you don't have to buy liquid soaps, shower gels or bubble bath in plastic packaging.


Tinplate (100% plastic-free)

Handmade in Germany. 

100% plastic free. 


Kraft cardboard box 

What do I do with it once i have finished it?

The travel case is made from Tinplate and therefore may be recycled. (Please check your local recycling centre regulations before recycling) 

The Hamburg based team at Hydrophil donate 10% of their profits to the non-profit association Viva con Agua, which is committed to providing access to clean drinking water for people in countries including Uganda, Ethiopia, Mozambique and South Africa.