Organically Epic Stainless Steel Tongue Cleaner

FACT - 90% of bad breath originates on the tongue.

Make tongue cleaning a regular part of your daily routine with this eco-friendly metal tongue scraper to leave your tongue feeling clean and fresh.

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Organically Epic

Product Description

Part of your natural dental routine these, stainless steel tongue cleaners will remove debris from your tongue fighting bad breath and halitosis as well as enhancing your taste buds. The Tongue Cleaner also helps balance the mouth’s delicate oral microbiome to prevent cavities, gum disease and bad breath

The wide edges of the Organically Epic tongue cleaner allow you to cleanse your whole tongue with single stroke.

  • x2 Tongue Cleaners per pack
  • Made of stainless steel
  • 100% Vegan and approved by PETA
  • Gets rid of debris, bacteria and dead cells that build up over time, as well as enhancing taste

*The tongue cleaner is safe, with thick blunt edges to avoid abrasions. Slimmer, sharper cleaners can damage and hurt your tongue. Organically Epic, have made sure that their tongue cleaners can cleanse effectively and safely, However, we would like to remind you to use this cleaner safely. Do not use if you have any existing abrasions on your tongue as well as lumps or bumps that cause you an issue*


Place the tongue cleaner as far back as you can on your tongue and with very light pressure, pull gently down between 5 to 10 times after cleaning your teeth and flossing. Part of your reduced waste lifestyle - reduce reuse recycle. 

5% from every sale from this product will be donated to wildlife conservation organisations through Work for Good. This month we are fundraising for the Marine Conservation Society.